Jackie Sear

Strategic Director

Jackie set up and ran a charity called E.A.S.E. (Empowering Action & Social Esteem) for 12 years. She wanted to pursue a new challenge and combine her love for music and clubbing with the wealth of experience she had gained in the charity and community sector. Her aim was to create a new concept in a social enterprise. Key to this experience was Jackie’s ability in bringing people together and the concept of Conscious was born.

Her mandate was to achieve and raise awareness for charities and issues that our communities face by bringing people together to create and promote music, arts and events with an ethical core. Within this Conscious would encourage new talent and provide employment opportunities as well as create an agile organisation that embraces innovative original ideas and concepts within the social enterprise sector.

Jackie has previously won the  Star of West London and a local Pride of our People Award and is a fellow of the School for Social Enterprise.

Bosco Almeida

Creative Director

Bosco steers the creative direction of Conscious ensuring the design and values of the business meet the mandate set. With over 20 years experience in number of disciplines, working across design, print, publishing and advertising, Bosco brings a wealth of knowledge and knowhow to the business to create and maintain the visual identity of Conscious through all its channels.

Music and design are his passions. Conscious felt like a perfect fit when Jackie pitched him the idea a few years ago, and he felt social enterprises was a sector that was unexplored. If he could apply his experience and knowledge in a way that could add value, both on a personal and commercial level, there would be benefits to all involved. He hasn’t looked back and now combines working for Conscious and another CIC as well as freelancing for advertising agencies.

You can usually find Bosco in his design cave, stuck to his desk. When he finally manages to get away from his computer, he’s usually entertaining his latest project, child no.3 Ozzie.

Shirley Jackson

Operations Director

With a proven track record in marketing and a background in investment banking for over 20 years, and smaller businesses from fashion to catering  Shirley is an all-rounder and a driving force in Conscious.   She has organised corporate events small and large both nationally and globally and simply nothing phases her out.

With a passion and love for music and raving, Shirley found herself drawn into the music industry and has expanded her portfolio to promoting headline events that include fund raising.   Through this Shirley met and worked with Jackie on Open Musicality, and this in turn led Shirley towards Conscious, eventually becoming a director in 2015.

Shirley heads Conscious Sounds, our online broadcast facility as well as our sister on line radio station MOVE-RADIO.  Shirley also the person who heads and runs both the radio stations.  She also heads all of our event planning along with the day to day running of Conscious.   She is also the person to speak for all marketing and event management and if you want to join the station.

Shirley is also driving our new project WWW.LONDONUNITYDAY.COM a project which will collectively unit communities and organisations pan London.  Watch this space!