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    Our challenge is to move children from disruptive and other forms of  anti-social behaviour to the development of well-rounded human beings because, “every child matters. This aim is dependent not only on  the positive response and cooperation  of the children but also on the active involvement of their teachers and parents.  In this regard we will endeavour to encourage both parents and teachers to honestly evaluate the quality of their relationships and interactions with the children and willingly effect any modification or change in their behaviour that may prove to be necessary.


    NOPA utilises a holistic approach in its clinical and creative psychotherapy intervention work with children. This approach views presenting problems and issues in their entirety in concert with a systematic examination of their interdependent components.

    The children are at the centre of this service and ‘preventative’ methods are employed in a supportive and nurturing environment that focuses on improving behaviour, communication skills, family and classroom relationships, positive self esteem, amongst others.

    In partnership with the teachers and parents/guardians, and the use of the developmental plan and other preventative measures, NOPA aims to achieve results that will not only improve relationships in the immediate school environment, but also in the wider community where the children can grow and develop to become good, skilled and productive citizens.


    At NOPA, parents/guardians are encouraged to engage in the process of providing support to their children. Parents/guardians are viewed as clients and service users and are given assessment tools to evaluate the behaviour and performance of their children.

    Parents/guardians are also advised of the need to review their own behaviour and quality of the relationship with their children, prior to giving an honest and fair assessment.

    Parents/guardians are also advised to work with the teachers via the use of a developmental plan for each child.


    NOPA advises teachers on how to use the assessment toolkit when working with their pupils. Teachers are seen as  partners and as clients and are encouraged to review and assess their interaction and interpersonal relationships with their pupils.

    Teachers are also expected to work with the parents/guardians on the developmental plan designed for the individual pupil. Teachers, parents/guardians and the pupils, jointly own the developmental plan.





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