We aim to develop events that will bring different groups from across the capital together to build cohesive and consistent grass roots approaches to serious youth violence.

    We aim to create positive alternatives for young people by embracing the saying, ’it takes a village to raise a child’

    We aim to create ways to communicate with each other and the public and ensure that young people know how to access support wherever they are.

    To bring organisations from across London together collectively and work as a unit to tackle the problems that are on all our streets!

    The website WWW.LONDONUNITYDAY.COM to be a central hub for all organisations with a link to websites and social media.


    There are children being injured or killed by other children every day. There are many organisations working on the streets and in the communities that deal with these issues and the underlying causes every day. However, they are often working in isolation.

    Funding for youth services is being cut by local authorities across the board and the services dealing with the aftermath (looked after services, YJS and social services) are stretched to the max.

    By bringing groups together we can share resources and skills and create a collective voice for communities.

    We will develop a pan-London network of organisations that can effectively provide solutions to the problem and have a real impact.

    Whilst gaining understanding of the causes of these issues we can utilise the experiences and expertise of these groups.

    However, we need to change the tone of the conversation and also focus on the positive.

    Whilst ensuring that the issues are raised and dealt with strategically we need to provide young people with a platform, parents with support and skills and communities with opportunities.

    By working together, we can do this.



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