Community Development

Jackie Sear has been involved in Youth and Community Work since 1989 and was involved in campaigning before that. She has a background in Youth work in both statutory and voluntary sectors including working with people with disabilities in a further education setting and young people in youth offending institutions. In 2001, She singlehandedly set up E.A.S.E. (Empowering Action & Social Esteem) Ltd on the estate where she still lives which still continues to provide support to residents and has also in the past enabled groups of residents on other estates to develop their own services. She left the role of CEO in December 2013 and has since been supporting small organisations to develop, creating partnerships and sharing good practice in a freelance capacity. Jackie is the founder of Conscious and has been key in developing the business model and the foundations of the Social Enterprise.

She is available to focus on supporting other people and organisations to develop their ideas into plans and enable them to make things happen.

As she has been involved in the third sector for many years she understand how it works. She has learnt many lessons over the years that means she can prevent you from wasting time and energy.
She understands strategy, law and grass roots development so can connect what you want to do with what is happening in the local and national domain.

She has extensive experience of facilitating, developing and maintaining partnerships and consortiums.

She is passionate about empowering and enabling people to overcome the obstacles they face and finding solutions that mean people are able to live independently.

She is keen to work with anyone aiming to have a social impact whether you be an individual, small business, big business, local authorities.

If you select Conscious, you can be assured that we will be only accept it if we are sure that we can deliver to a high quality professional level.

Jackie will only accept projects that she believes in because that way she will put my heart and soul into it.