The passionate, the lively, the entertaining DJ hit the decks at the youthful age of 12.  Mickey’s love for music began from his childhood days, as his family loved to play music on a Sunday.  His musical influences were Paul Trouble-Anderson and Norma Jay to name a few.  With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Mickey has had the chance to play all over England and overseas, such places as the Ministry of Sound, the Cross, Pacha, Turnmills, Bagleys, Legends, Kingley Club and more recently Brighton’s Kabuki, Gunky Budda, Sky-Bar, Heist, Beduin Bar, Digital, Sugar Cube, Honey Club, H-Bar and the One 2 One bar.  Interntional gigs include, Athens, Bar 54, Estonia, Club Stereo, Barcelona, CDLC, Ibiza Mambos, Savannah and Oman’s “Al Bustan” palace hotel (member only club). Not bad for a man who started off playing school disco’s.  Mickey has also worked on the remix for Chocolate Boy Productions, “Sweet Like Chocolate” in 1999.  During his career he has also worked on the air waves.  Starting off on a local hospital community radio station, then on to underground stations, such as London Underground, Freek FM and UnknownFM Mickeys style of music varies from soul to disco to soulful house music. Since moving from London to Brghton in 2005, Mickey has been running his own mights at Beduin Bar, in trendy East Street.  He is also the resident at the logo after party at Kabuki.  He is currently running his own promotion called Soulfully Deep he has his own monthly night at Heist in West Street and Sugar Cube in North Street, Brighton.

Playing every Sunday at 4pm and also every Friday morning at 7am.




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