Colin Williams who is a strong supporter of Conscious and has performed at our BPM events and appears as a guest from time to time on CONSCIOUS SOUNDS … always a pleasure

House music is very special music. With roots in everything from disco, boogie and even pop, house music and that now famous 4/4 beat has transformed both street and dance music culture for over 30 years.

My house music journey hails almost from the start. As a 60s born (yes, I admit it) child but a teenager in the late 70s early 80s my musical voyage rode on the back of disco, through boogie and Jazz Funk and ended up firmly at the dawn of the house scene. I started with the 80s Chicago innovation, through the wonderful New York/New Jersey sounds, majoring in the born and bred “UK flavours” and still here today with any house with soul, house music is my thing. I am fortunate to have played music and taken photos all over the world and thankful to be with the Southport Weekender & Suncebeat teams from the start.

“Conscious” for me isn’t just about music or events, it’s a feeling, a being, a purpose with the end result a positive impact on the community.  To that end I will always fly my flag high and ensure I remain “Conscious”





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