A weekly hour long special up close with some

beats and baselines thrown in the mix …

every week there will be a different topic so keep your eyes peeled!


Charlene-Marie otherwise known as Barnsey was born and bred in Gloucester in the UK, but came to the South Side of London from a young age and is now a true South Londoner!

She is a mother of 3 and works full time but that does not stop her!

Barnsey showed an keen interest in vlogging after some of her Las Vegas 2016 Facebook Live videos went viral and various other videos where she doesn’t hold back to saying what she really feels.  She’s been warned we have no bleep app just yet!

… jokes aside it won’t stop this vacious lady getting us all talking and helping us, thats men and women, air our views on so many topics from what is the  best soap powder to get the dirt out of our laundry to the more serious subjects of the problems parents are facing today raising young people.

She’s candid and passionate in her delivery at times but it is all for the greater good.

With so much seriousness out there right now, how refreshing to hear the some good real talk with frank but fair points!

In time we will be airing shows through a special YOU TUBE CHANEL and more features to get this show all the coverage we can over the next few months … watch this lady grow over the few months and help take her on th is journey to no doubt STARDOME!







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