Conscious aims to raise awareness and funding of humanitarian causes through the power of Music and Dance.

Conscious combines a passion for music and dancing with a strong ethical value system.

We create events or activities that focus on music and the arts. These events are all centred around a charitable core raising awareness and funding for causes that need help in and around our communities. By linking social activity with a charity, we hope to foster strong community ties and at the same time bring people together in a happy, safe and fun-filled environment.

Conscious is a culmination of 25 years of work within the community and voluntary sector and 30 years of raving. We believe that music unites people and that when united, people are a powerful force. We want to channel that power to create support for community based issues.


Conscious is a Community Interest Company (CIC). Primarily we are an events management organisation that aims to provide fun ethical events that are positively impactful in the local community. We raise awareness from the events we run and when possible make a charitable donation onto the designated charity we are promoting at the time, thereby aiding charities that need funding, but also driving awareness and visibility towards these worthwhile causes through the various channels we operate in.


Funding is becoming more and more hard to come by, especially for the less established and smaller charities. Often raising awareness of a charity, community concern or issue will be just as valuable as funding, as it attracts more service users, funders, volunteers or supporters.

Smaller charities do not have the budget to invest in fundraising as the national and larger charities do. They cannot afford to put on big fundraising events and are struggling to become sustainable because grants are more focused on the projects they deliver and not the core costs.

By working with Conscious as the the nominated charity, the cause will be promoted throughout the event period and beyond. We promote the event and the charity in tandem; driving traffic, donation and cause links, posts, broadcast and online (social media and website) for free. All our event attendees are made aware of how their money is being used to fund a charitable cause and we encourage them to spread the good word. Our fantastic DJs and artists also use their networks to get the word out.



We call it Fundraving. We inject fun into fundraising for worthy causes working with promoters of music events to develop a music night. The seed of the idea was formed when Jackie Sear (our founder) held a party to raise money for services for people affected by domestic violence to celebrate International Women’s Day. The night was called All Woman and the music was provided by the an all female DJ line-up. It was a fantastic success and by the end of the night, all 250 attendees (male and female) knew about International Women’s Day and felt good about supporting Domestic Violence Services. We raised just under £900.

We followed this up with For the Love of Loss, our first official event, and raised awareness and money for S.A.M.M. (Support After Murder and Manslaughter). We raised £1500 and shared a percentage with Loss’ son.

The company has in the last two years gone from strength to strength with our radio station CONSCIOUS SOUNDS which broadcasts globally 24 hours a day with over 25,000 unique listeners.  We have also a long list of events in the past year and are now known very well on the circuit for good parties and for contributing back into the community.  We have held fund raising for Grenfell and LENNOX CHILDRENS CANCER CHARITY.

We have also set up a sister radio station call MOVE RADIO which is aimed towards people in the LINE DANCE COMMUNITY of which 15,000,000 dance a year in the UK alone and we are one of the first dedicated stations.  Move Radio also has the ethos of fund raising for causes.

Community Events

Supporting community groups and services to engage people in positive activities and come together to enjoy themselves is part of Conscious services.

In July 2017 we ran LONDON UNITY at Hackney Marsh and plan to build this be a sustainable long term project working with different boroughs across London helping to tack the rise in knife crime.

Charities and community groups can work with Conscious to develop their fundraising events and celebrations. We provide an efficient service that understands the sector and financial constraints.

Creating Opportunities

We are nurturing new talent by offering opportunities for young people who have a serious interest in music and events. We showcase new DJs at our events are looking for volunteers on a variety of levels to help build Conscious.

Volunteers can get work experience in marketing, graphic design, corporate sponsorship, promotions and event management. These opportunities could be a great way of getting involved in these sectors, building skills and knowledge.  After 100 hours, volunteers will receive a reference, a community reward and this valuable experience can be added to their CV.

For more information, please get in touch with us.