Where Conscious is Heading!


I have been reflecting on Conscious and planning for the future and thought I would share the history.

I came up with the idea when I was at a crossroads leaving the charity I had set up and run for 13 years and considering my options.

I have been raving for 30 years and love the way that music brings people together under the same roof or tent and the euphoria and community this creates.

My life working in the youth and community sector extends back 26 years and I understand the importance of promoting charities and causes just as much as the financial pressures those organisations are under, especially the smaller ground roots groups that do much of the hard frontline support direct to those that need it most.

In March 2014, as part of my day job I ran a weeklong festival in Ealing promoting International Women’s Day, which culminated in an event called All Woman – we had an all woman line up and it was a great success.

So, from that, Conscious Music & Arts Events was conceived. It means we can enjoy a good music, share the house music experience with others, highlight important issues and support good causes at the same time.

Conscious is a not for profit organisation and we will be setting it up as a Community Interest Company very shortly in order to establish this legally.
Not for profit means that if we make a profit we invest it in our community or donate it to our current chosen charity or cause.

Sometimes Djs do it for just expenses or even for free. Our team charge minimal costs and wherever possible we work with companies and venues that understand our ethos in order to make savings. We make no money personally out of it but just try to cover costs.

We also help new or undiscovered talent get the opportunity to play alongside established DJ line up,promoting them to a wider audience and creating new opportunities and networks for them.
This is all about the love of music and developing a music (rather than carbon) footprint for us as ravers hopefully a legacy for future ravers to continue.

SO now for the role call, I hope very much that I haven’t forgotten anyone!!

DJs who have joined the Conscious family
Sabrina L
Chloe Fontaine
Sacha Davis
Lady T
Rudy Ranx
Mick Naughty
Gavin Peters
Sy Sez
Mellow Yellow
Stuart Mitchell
Darren Driffill
DJ Pugwash
DJ Suff
Jon Coomer
Neil Pinnock
DJ Lauder
DJ Pegapak
Mr Shiver
Charlie Beatz
DJ Ali Maurice
DJ Stretch ( Reinforced)
Samantha Blackburn
Wesley Pitter
Ace Shyllon
Johnny Esprit
Mr Cook
Shane B
Mark Paul
Mikki Funk
Antonio Pascal
Aluku Rebels
And will be welcoming the following Djs in coming months
Lil Stevie, Man called S.O.J, DJ Maddex, Jaimeson and GPS in October
Dean Straker and Randy Peterson in November
Lady Jewels, Ryan C and Petite Deejay in December
DJs have been supported by
The TNT Dancers
Dezy ‘ bongoman’ B
We have had photographic support from
Paul Linus
Huet Bartel
We have promoted the following charities and promoted causes
E.A.S.E. (Empowering Action & Social Esteem)’s Uplift Course raising awareness of Domestic Abuse – www.empowering-action.org.uk
International Women’s Day
S.A.M.M (Support After Murder or Manslaughter) in memory of Nicholas Henry – samm.org.uk
Chloe Balloqui’s journey – cancer treatment – www.justgiving.com/chloeballoquiappeal/
For The Love of Money – cancer treatment –
In October, we will be supporting youth group Descendants and highlighting Black History Month and #‎blacklivesmatter‬ – www.descendants.org.uk
November and December causes will be revealed nearer the time
Conscious is led by myself Jackie Sear along with Shirley Jackson and designs by Bosco Almeida
We work with
Wojtek Grabalowski at Handpainted Club to make the tshirts,
Jacqueline Quamina at NOA specials for the fans
Bradley Quamina and the staff of The Bar for the venue
Thanks so much to everyone for their ongoing support and we hope to see the family growing in future months.
Anyone who knows me will know I have some exciting ideas for the future of Conscious and those close to me know that I will do my best to achieve them.
If you or anyone you know wants to get involved especially Djs, companies who may like to sponsor or support events in the future please contact me directly at jackiesear.cdw@live.com
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