Inspired by the sad passing of Robin Williams


The next conscious house music event will be on Friday 7th November 2014 at Metropolis Bar, Engineers Way HA9 0EG with the great Tippa Audio Soundsystem in two rooms! I only put out an appeal for Djs today and I almost have a full amazing line up already! I have a feeling this will be a roadblock!

It will raise money and awareness for a mental health charity the options at the moment are Mind, Richmond Fellowship, and young minds
Mental Health issues affects everybody ,either personally or seeing someone close to you suffering.

Depression can hit you at any age, whatever culture or support system you have,regardless of how successful or loved you are. Robin Williams death has highlighted this but also through my own personal experience and through working with many people experiencing mental health problems from low level depression to anxiety, clinical depression, bi-polar, and PTSD I know how important getting support at the right time is. It does not have to be a medical response, there are many effective ways to overcome or learn to live with these issues.
Some wonderful people battle mental health problems everyday and we at conscious want to make sure that more people are aware that there is help available and more importantly that there should be no stigma and we should feel no embarrassment about admitting we have a problem.

If we can do some fundraving and have a good night out and make some money to support more people then even better.
I think that, with the line up I have in store for you… that is a dead cert!

Amongst other things ….House music has always helped me!

Let us know what mental health support charity you would want us to support
Richmond Fellowship
Young Minds
More information will follow… keep checking this website and or



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