Conscious & Fresh Sweet & Sexy Birthday Edition


First and foremost I have to say thanks to all those that came last Friday for the Birthday Edition. Someone travelled from as far as Manchester!

There are lots of positives- great Djs wicked music, brilliant Soundsystem, lovely venue, reasonably priced drinks, nice staff and security, loads of parking and a friendly group of people.
We didn’t make much money and numbers weren’t great but we can learn lessons from move on, I know we certainly couldn’t have done more and maybe with a little more time we would have had a different result.

The most important thing is that Trakia CSp Vybz and his lovely Fresh Sweet & sexy crew are happy and even more importantly may have had a few more hits and we know there is support for those who might be affected by it and that the amazing Dawn Green got a night out and a good old boogie.



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